Well done! Something we love to celebrate.

As we ease out of this strange time, we have 2 videos to share with you – one very personal, one more generic. But the message is similar. Daniel talks about patience, perseverance and faithfulness, and Chris says with the resources around you – emotional and physical – you have done your best. Today, why not pat yourself on the back, and say “well done”?

At AV Sundays, we shared this moving video from one of our AV family about his sobriety.Daniel shows, how by connecting with God and improving his health and well being (two of our core aims) he is living a better life and stepping into the person he was designed to be.#BringingLifeToAshford #LoveAshford #AshfordVineyard #Sobriety

Публикувахте от Ashford Vineyard в Вторник, 7 юли 2020 г.