One of our aims at Ashford Vineyard is ‘increasing people’s connection to God as Father’. Talk+ is designed to give you practical support in how you can walk into the truths which have been spoken of on a Sunday morning.

You can listen to this by yourself, or in a group to discuss what this would look like on a day-to-day basis, and how this would impact you and those around you.

Doing it as a group of 2 or more gives you a support network, who can encourage you and journey with you in this. Enjoy!

Life Coaching #1 – Cost

Chris starts a brand new series on life coaching and how we can live life to the full. This first episode covers how everything that is worth something, costs something.…
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Life Coaching #2 – Dealing With The Past

Nic talks about how we need to selectively deal with our past so that we can be free from it and how God can change our future. For more resources…
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Life Coaching #3 – Thoughts

Chris talks about our thoughts and how we need to monitor what thoughts come in and kick the bad thoughts out. Because our thoughts today is helping to form who…
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Life coaching #4 – Silence and Solitude

Chris talks about how we need to take a break from this connected world that we live in to spend some time in silence and solitude with God. For more…
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Life Coaching #5 – Meeting Together

Nic reminds us that it is not good for man to be alone. God has woven the need for relationship into our design for us to be connected with others.…
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Life Coaching #6 – Forgiveness

Kat explains that Forgiveness is a process that should start with us. A choice and a decision that we must make in order to be set free from the bitterness…
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Life Coaching #7 – Journaling and Personal Growth

Charlotte speaks on Journaling, which allows you to mingle the motions of your life with the mind of God. It also, makes us address the things that bring us discomfort,…
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