HOTS Stories from July

Two people prayed for John – see his story here. He was just walking past and was invited to be prayed for. At first prayer his pain went from 7/8 out of 10 down to 2 out of 10. After second prayer, the pain went to zero. His shoe laces went slack as the swelling subsided. He was amazed at what God had done as you can see in the video!

Another couple we prayed for was Bob and Maggie. Bob has Alzheimer’s and Maggie had back pain and stress over business and family issues. Both were touched by the Holy Spirit’s presence and received peace and Maggie in particular was encouraged by the prayers together. Someone had an word about God wanting to bring everything back into alignment. We’ll wait and see!

Mick had been to Beehive in the previous week and had some prayer there. He came to HOTS this week. He has dementia and heart problems. We prayed for his problems and he was so chilled out his wife thought he had gone to sleep. After prayer he said that he had felt something going on in his body as we had prayed.