God Moments

By: Sarah. J


The first thing I would like to say is God is Good!

I can honestly say this week I have seen God really at work, turning a few negatives into a positive.

I came to church last Sunday and I asked Michelle and Chris Tatton if they could pray for me, as I had a difficult time financially. I was bullied out of my job and I had to sell our car. I was in a low place.

I had been for a job interview at my local Premier Inn but I did not hold much hope of being offered the job. Chris said to me before prayer took place, if I could wish for one thing this week what would it be? I said I wish for a job so I have money coming in, in order to pay bills,buy food etc. 

I left church feeling more positive and I said to my daughter on the way home, let’s sit back and trust in God to work things out. The next morning on the Monday I received post and it was a lovely letter from my auntie. There was 50 pounds inside it and she said “I thought you would need this for food”. This was totally unexpected.

On the Monday afternoon I was walking to collect my daughter from school and as I was walking leaves were crunching under my feet. As I looked down at my foot there was a five pound note on the floor. I looked around incase someone had dropped it, but there was no one around. I heard God say “it’s yours Sarah pick it up”. On Tuesday afternoon I received a phone call from the Premier Inn, the man said he was happy with my trial last week and staff gave very good feedback and the job is mine and I have automatically been started on a permanent contract.

I just cannot find the words, I really can’t to express how grateful myself and my children are.

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