Covid-19 Response Plan

Updated Tuesday 9th June 2020

As part of our overall aims, we have identified FOUR key things we are going after in this difficult season. This plan is reviewed weekly: 

Praying against COVID-19

  1. Prayer Gatherings – Encounter Early Doors and Lock-In: Encounter Early Doors happens in Room 1 (, Lock-in will happen in via Churchonline ( Anyone welcome – bring headphones (if you wish) and a cuppa. Check Calendar page for details.
  2. Hand-washing Prayer – We’re not budging – we’re praying this as regularly as we can and encourage you to join us when washing your hands!

    We stand against coronavirus and declare that it was beaten at the cross of Jesus.
    We pray for the people of Ashford that they would be virus free.
    We pray that fear would be replaced by peace in people’s hearts.
    ‘Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven’
  3. Days of Prayer (regular) – We have seen many changes happen as a result of prayer (too many to be coincidence) and we are pressing in for more and more. God’s not reluctant!

Helping people spiritually CG1,2&3

  1. AV Sundays – 9:30am going out live on Facebook, YouTube and Church Online! An hour of songs, encouragement and good news stories! Click on the links to access them.
  2. Alpha – Started on Wednesdays in May and there are a number of these running and more to come! Alpha is happening online and is a group where you can explore what a relationship with God looks like and even whether he exists or not! No question too daft! If you are interested, then email
  3. All Groups – As many of our groups are continuing online for people to connect that way! Many a group have the fun of muting themselves, wearing headphones, working out who has forgotten to mute themselves and more! Details will be here and on our social media platforms too.
  4. ‘Say a Little Prayer’ Email – We’re receiving regular emails and we are honoured to have the chance to pray for you – for anything. Please just email in:
  5. Daily Check-ins (via social media) – These are being viewed by hundreds of people as we seek to encourage and strengthen people, reminding them that God is good, we will overcome this and we’re here to help.
  6. Moments – These are released on Saturday each week and are a two-minute capture of a time in someone’s life when God has felt very real to them. They are not to be missed and will be released on our usual social media channels and on our Stories page!
  7. AV Kids Online Resources – There is an AV Kids Facebook group for parents where Chrissie (our Kids Team Leader) is sharing resources for parents to engage in fun activities at home. For more info: Also, every Sunday at 9am, AV Kids is ONLINE! You can watch via Facebook or YouTube.

Helping people practically IP2

  1. Warehouse open for Foodbank & Storehouse – Open Mon-Fri, 9-12:30pm Over 375 families supported in recent weeks, representing over 1,200 people!
    1. Could you donate some food at The Warehouse? If so, one of the team will come and take it from your boot. For more info:
    2. Could you prepare some extra meals and portion them up for us to keep in our freezers? If so, please email:
    3. Would you be able to go on our volunteer drivers list to deliver food to people in the community? Email:
  2. Viral Kindness Postcards – These are still available if you are passing while out exercising. Some people are still not able to get out and get essentials and there may be a way you can help.
  3. Covid-19 Response Fund – Having received a generous donation from a member of AV to start up a Covid-19 Response Fund, people are giving extra money specifically to this. This is being used to provide support to families who are struggling as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and fund much of the work we are continuing to do in upscaling Mummy’s Meals and the Foodbank.  If you would like to contribute financially to this, you can do so at Thank you. So far, your incredible generosity has seen this fund rise to over £7,000!

Helping people emotionally HW1&2

  1. Daily Check-ins (via social media) – These are being viewed by hundreds of people as we seek to encourage and strengthen people, reminding them that God is good, we will overcome this and, as Ashford Vineyard, we’re here to help.
  2. Good News Stories – We are posting these on social media/website as regularly as possible – Encourage people to like, share and repost! You can find them in the stories section of Facebook and Instagram
  3. All Groups – As many of our gathering groups as possible are continuing to find ways to connect online! Details will go on here and on our social media platforms too! If you are already a member of one of these groups, then the group leader is your contact point.
  4. Coffee Club – This is now happening each week! Wednesdays at 10:30am. Grab a cuppa and some headphones and just drop by.

Check out a list of further resources to help people stay connected – helping people stay connected with God, with each other and with Ashford Vineyard. Visit our Staying Connected page.

AV Sundays

9:30 – Every Sunday

‘Encountering God and each other’

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