Covid-19 Response Plan

Updated 1st September 2021

As part of our overall aims, we identified FOUR key things we have been going after in this difficult season. With the possible exit plan for lockdown, this plan will change and adapt in the coming months. It is reviewed weekly: 

Praying against COVID-19

  1. Prayer Gatherings – Encounter: Encounter Early Doors happens in Room 1 ( and the next one will be taking place on Wednesday the 21st at 7am. Anyone welcome – bring headphones (if you wish) and a cuppa.
  2. Hand-washing Prayer – We’re not budging – we’re still praying this as regularly as we can and encourage you to join us when washing your hands!

    We stand against coronavirus and declare that it was beaten at the cross of Jesus.
    We pray for the people of Ashford that they would be virus free.
    We pray that fear would be replaced by peace in people’s hearts.
    ‘Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven’
  3. Days of Prayer – We have seen many changes happen as a result of prayer (too many to be coincidence) and we are pressing in for more and more. God’s not reluctant! We also joined the wider church across the UK for 21 days of Prayer and Fasting earlier this year.

Helping people spiritually CG1,2&3

  1. AV Sundays – We meet ‘In The Room’ at the Warehouse at 9:30am, and we also stream live on Facebook, YouTube and Church Online! Just over an hour of songs, encouragement and good news stories! Drop in or click on the links to join in.
  2. Alpha – There have been a number of these running over the spring and summer of last year. We have just started our first group for this year, and more are due to start, so get your name down! Alpha is happening online and is a group where you can explore what a relationship with God looks like and even whether he exists or not! No question too daft! If you are interested, then email
  3. All Groups – Many of our groups are continuing online for people to connect that way. While some groups have started to meet back in person. Check with the group leader if you’re unsure.
  4. Praying – We’re praying for people on a daily basis and we are honoured to have the chance to pray for you – for anything. Please just email in:
  5. AV Kids and AV Youth – Will be meeting back at the Warehouse on Sundays at 9.30am where we are giving our kids the opportunity to create community and re-connect again.

    There is an AV Kids Facebook group for parents where Chrissie (our Kids Team Leader) is sharing resources for parents to engage in fun activities at home too. For more info:

Helping people practically IP2

Warehouse open for various support options – Open Mon-Fri, 9-12:30pm.

  1. Renew is a new project for Ashford, which has a vision to ensure that all families have the food and provisions they need. In addition to everyday essentials, families will find a new vision for themselves, which is one of abundance – abundance of food and finance, which ultimately leads to a lasting stability.

    We desire to see families thrive and believe for the absolute best for themselves and their future generations. Renew is a social supermarket which replaces the AV Foodbank set up during lockdown. By becoming members, people will be able to access food and other provisions for their family at a vastly reduced cost, whilst accessing one to one, personalised support to reach goals set by members themselves.

    Renew will invite people into an opportunity to break cycles of poverty, strengthen family relationships, get connected into community and change their circumstances by thinking about what life could look like, and then accessing support, skills and services to work towards that vision. Once goals are set, we will ensure that someone walks alongside each family, cheering them on and encouraging them as they step into a renewed vision for their lives.

    Renew is open at the Warehouse – Monday, Thursday and Friday 10:00am – 12:00pm.
  2. The Warehouse still remains open from 9-12:30 Monday-Friday. There will be a warm (but physically distant!) welcome from whoever is on Reception.
  3. We have free Family Food Bank boxes available for those who are in need of emergency food.
  4. Mummys Meals will be operating as normal, although delivery may have to look a little more impersonal. Please refer families as you usually would, and not just consider people self-isolating.
  5. WHH Meals is a project which was run in the first quarter of this year to provide meals to staff at the William Harvey Hospital to show these amazing people that they are seen and loved!

Our projects continue to rely on an amazing team of volunteers and food and clothes donations which we are continuing to receive gladly.

Helping people emotionally HW1&2

  1. Good News Stories – We are posting these on social media/website as regularly as possible – Encourage people to like, share and repost!

  2. All Groups – Many of our groups are beginning to meet in person, as well as continuing to connect online for people needing to connect that way!
  3. Coffee Club – Happening each week, Wednesdays at 10:30am.
    Every 3rd Wednesday of the month we will be meeting at the Beehive. (The Beehive | 1-3 North Street TN24 8JN), and for the rest of the Wednesdays, grab a cuppa and some headphones and just drop by online –

Check out a list of further resources to help people stay connected – helping people stay connected with God, with each other and with Ashford Vineyard. Visit our Staying Connected page.

AV Sundays

9:30 – Every Sunday

‘Encountering God and each other’

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