Coronavirus Update 17.3.20

Times are changing fast, but thankfully God is still good and there is always hope.

Here is an update all about Ashford Vineyard and our response to Covid-19. We are called to live with wisdom, coupled with faith. The Bible says that we walk by faith and not by sight. That can be scary at times. We are being utterly bombarded with information about the virus and the world’s response, but more than that, it is like we are being shelled with fear artillery. It’s very real.

The decision has been made today to move most of what we do online, or it has been temporarily suspended. Please read the update very carefully so you are aware of how we are responding. Sunday morning’s talk was about all things fear, faith, coronavirus and more. How do we practically live in the midst of this turmoil? It is now available as a podcast.

Much love to all, and please don’t be afraid. It’s ok if you are, but let God reassure you with His presence. Just ask him