Corona Virus Update 27.3.20

Coronavirus Update from Ashford Vineyard (so you know what’s going on!)

Friday 27th March

Identified FOUR key things going after: 

Praying against COVID

  • Encounter Early Doors and Lock-In – CK: Encounter Early Doors will happen by Whereby. Lock-in will probably go the same way. Early doors will happen in room 1 (, Lock-in will happen in the small hall (
  • Handwashing prayer – CT: The aim was that these would be distributed by the WLT, but there was a delay with the printing and further delay with the delivery, so there is a stash of these at The Warehouse if you are passing.
  • Days of prayer (regular) – NK: Nic to keep eye on any more national ones, if nothing coming then we’ll create another one for AV. We are considering an interactive element with Zoom/Whereby and will encourage people to post pictures to add momentum online.

Helping people spiritually CG1,2&3

  • Sundays Online – CT: Coordinating with Paul and Ethan to improve audio & visuals for live feed via Facebook. This week: Kat to lead worship. CK to speak. Nic to host. Becca at home supporting the FB feed.
  • Equipping WLT to engage – CT: C&N calling all Wider Leaders this week to check in. Chris Tatton to continue with helping WLT to engage with their projects using other tools. We are using Whereby for online meetings. All leaders will have an instructional Whereby video by end of the week (super-easy!)
  • Warehouse open for prayer – LT: Prayer in The Warehouse is now for only one person at a time. The Warehouse now to be manned by two people (Mon-Fri 9-12:30) who will be there to answer calls and distribute food.
  • ‘Say a little prayer’ email and phone line – CK: Plan coming together! Email to be launched this weekend as a trial.
  • Daily Check-Ins (SPs via social media) – Chris & Nic (Becca to put on Social Media) All videos to be under 2:20 to go on all SM platforms. These have started. Day one had about 500 views
  • AV Kids online resources  – Chrissie W Nic had meeting with Chrissie on Saturday and she is pulling together a structure for what gets released when. Ideas for kids, families and community to all be in place. AV Kids Facebook group running well for parents to share ideas and access resources from Chrissie.

Helping people practically IP2

  • Warehouse open for Foodbank & Storehouse – Vicki T Open Mon-Fri, 9-12:30pm Having many more callers than normal, 70 in the last week alone. 
    1. Could you donate some food at The Warehouse? If so, one of the team will come and take it from your boot. For more info:
    2. Could you prepare some extra meals and portion them up for us to keep in our freezers? If so, please email
    3. Would you be able to go on our volunteer drivers list to deliver food to people in the community? Email
  • Viral Kindness postcards – CT: See notes on Handwashing Prayer.
  • Covid-19 Response Fund: We have received a generous donation from a member of AV to start up a Covid 19 response fund. This will be used to provide support to families who are struggling a result of the Covid 19 pandemic with food and essential supplies, and fund much of the work we are doing to upscale Mummy’s Meals and the Foodbank.  If you would like to contribute financially to this in any way you can do so.


  • Partnering with BIG (Believe, Inspire, Grow) for daily positive posts on social media and ideas for families who have children at home during school closures – Becca with Kennedy Criqui/Charlotte Rawling: To continue. 

Helping people emotionally HW1&2

  • Daily Check-Ins going out on social media
  • Warehouse open every morning LT/BG: Beehive now online only. Warehouse to continue until government instructs otherwise – this now reduced to one person at a time for solitary prayer. See above.
  • Partnering with BIG – Becca with Kennedy Criqui/Charlotte Rawling: See above
  • Good news stories on SM/Website as regularly as possible – Kennedy Criqui/Becca: Ongoing! Encourage people to share and repost!
  • AV Kids FB group created – CW: Up and running and being regularly updated by Chrissie
  • Maintaining a non-anxious presence online and in person – ALL! Going well!
  • Gathering groups online – JB/KB Ongoing from Josh & Kat – ‘Whereby’ subscription has been bought to enable gathering groups to meet online as easily as possible. Groups have started meeting!


To try and ensure these messages are being clearly stated online too

  • God is Good
  • Overcoming this together
  • Here to help

… Bringing life to Ashford (this never changes!) 

Everything on here complies with the most recent guidance that was released by the government on Tuesday 24/3/20 that would affect how AV operates. There is a specific document that is available from the government departments that is not always translated well into the press!