Exciting news!

Renew is a new project for Ashford, which has a vision to ensure that all families have the food and provisions they need. In addition to everyday essentials, families will find a new vision for themselves, which is one of abundance – abundance of food and finance, which ultimately leads to a lasting stability.

We desire to see families thrive and believe for the absolute best for
themselves and their future generations. Renew is a social supermarket which replaces the AV Foodbank set up during lockdown. By becoming members, people will be able to access food and other provisions for their family at a vastly reduced cost, whilst accessing one to one, personalised support to reach goals set by members themselves. Renew will invite
people into an opportunity to break cycles of poverty, strengthen family relationships, get connected into community and change their circumstances by thinking about what life could look like, and then accessing support, skills and services to work towards that vision. Once goals are set, we will ensure that someone walks alongside each family, cheering them on and encouraging them as they step into a renewed vision for their lives.

The Warehouse still remains open from 9-12:30 Monday-Friday. There will be a warm (but physically distant!) welcome from whoever is on Reception, but we will be limiting the numbers of visitors coming in at any one time and observing strict hygiene protocols in order to keep people healthy whilst accessing everyday essentials.

We have free Family Food Bank boxes available for those who are in need of emergency food.

Mummys Meals will be operating as normal, although delivery may have to look a little more impersonal. Please refer families as you usually would, and not just consider people self-isolating.

Our projects continue to rely on an amazing team of volunteers and food and clothes donations which we are continuing to receive gladly. Some limited delivery of Foodbank boxes or Storehouse essentials can be able to be arranged to families in particularly difficult circumstances, but cannot be guaranteed.

If you have any queries, referrals, or just want to know if we can help, then please call 01233 331919 or email

As well as our clients we will be praying for all workers and professionals across Ashford, and the offer of dropping in to The Warehouse for a cuppa is open to anyone who needs a place of peace and calm; do come by if you need to.

Thank you for your commitment to the people of Ashford.

With love,

Renee (AV Compassion Projects Manager)

“Making love look like something…”

AV Compassion is an integral part of the life of Ashford Vineyard; it’s what makes us tick. We are passionate about making love look like something, and bringing life to Ashford- so working in the local community to support and empower people, helps us to do just that! We want to see people become the best version of themselves that they can be, and sometimes that starts with a bit of practical help such as interview clothing, hot meals or a mentor. We have several ways to help and support people in Ashford, and so whether you’re looking for help, referring someone else, or want to volunteer with us, we’d love to meet you and get to know you. Have a look at what we currently have running at the moment and do get in touch if you would like any further information.

These are the Compassion projects we offer

Mummy’s Meals

Mummy’s Meals offers support in the form of cooked meals delivered to your house for a week.  Whether you’re a new parent who could do with having one less thing to think about as you get used to family life or you need some help to get back on your feet having been ill  or suffering financial struggles, we would love to help!


Storehouse offers children’s and baby clothes and equipment free of charge to anyone who needs them. Based at The Warehouse, you can make an appointment to come and see us by emailing


XL Mentoring  is a national programme that provides mentors to school children between 11 and 16 to build confidence and enable them to reach their full potential. At Ashford Vineyard we train mentors and link each mentor to a young person who will meet with them each week and invest in their life. If you would like to refer a young person or find out more about becoming a mentor you can email our team who would love to hear from you.

Dress for success

Dress for Success provides smart clothing and accessories for men and women who need to feel confident, hold their head up high and make a positive impression. Please get in touch to make an appointment.

Compassion Café

Compassion Café is open 10am – 12pm on the last Saturday of each month at The Warehouse. All of the AV Compassion projects are represented and there’s space for the kids while you enjoy a cuppa and some homemade cake. Whether you’d just like to come for a cup of tea, read the papers or are looking for some support, we would love to meet you.

AV Compassion Partners

Open arms

Open Arms meets at The Warehouse every Thursday, 10am-12pm for brunch, and offers support for anyone who is homeless, lonely or vulnerable. You can just turn up, or email:

For further information please visit their website:



We are proud to be linked with CAP: Christians Against Poverty, in Ashford. CAP offers free, impartial advice and support to become debt free. You can get in touch with CAP on 0800 328 0006 to book an appointment with a debt coach in Ashford.

Ashford Winter Night Shelter

Winter Night Shelter is run by various churches across Ashford and opens from December to March each year, offering meals and over night shelter for the homeless.

We are proud to be involved, and host nights each week at The Warehouse. To volunteer email us at:

If you are a professional looking to refer someone, you yourself need to access one of our Compassion services, you would like to volunteer with us, or you would just like to find out more information, get in touch via the form below. We’d love to hear from you!

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