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Day of Prayer

Sat 3rd October 2020   |   9:30am

We would love for us as a church family to come together for a (24 hour) Day of Prayer from Saturday 3rd Oct 9.30am - Sunday 4th Oct 9.30am.

If this is your fist time hearing of this, we usually break the 24 hours down into hourly slots. It would be amazing to have us come together as one body and connect with God every hour for a whole day! The best way to do that is to ask you to sign up using the link below to tell us when you'll be praying, so everyone knows which slot has been covered.

When you sign in, you can select a slot which works for you, but please try and fill up the empty slots before choosing the ones which are already signed up for.

Click on the link below and write your name in the 'participant' box to sign up. Then tick the slot/slots you can do and simply click 'send' to tell us which slots you'll be covering.


We will have a 'virtual' space that allows people to meet together if multiple people are in the same time slot, and a way to leave messages about what they feel God is saying. You can pop into the room if and when you want to – It's totally up to you as to how you would like to spend that hour with Jesus. 

The virtual room will be done via Whereby, a video calling app that allows people to go into a (virtual) room and connect with others to pray together and write their thoughts in the 'chat' box at the side. You don't need to have an account to use the room and can simply click on the link below from a phone or computer.

The link for the room is https://ashfordvineyard.whereby.com/room1

The comments you share here can only be viewed by Nic and Chris. Also, no video or audio will be recorded at any point, so you have total freedom to let your hair down and enjoy Jesus!!

Your hour with Jesus can look like however you want it to look like – walking your dog while connecting with HIM, Dancing and singing at the top of your lungs, or going on a coffee date. Whatever your hour looks like we pray that you have fresh revelations from Heaven, and please do share them with us.

You can e-mail your thoughts and comments to nic@ashfordvineyard.org. We totally would love to know! 

Thank you for joining us in pressing in for MORE of Jesus.
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