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Public Speaking Course

Tue 12th May 2020   |   19:30pm

This is 5 of a 7 week course, at The Beehive.

“Whether you need to speak to one person or to a thousand, this is the course that will help you become better at it.  This isn't just about getting up in front of people and speaking.  It's also about building your confidence and helping you to become a more effective communicator in general.

 It's open to all; but please commit to coming to as many sessions as possible.
To cover costs, we ask for a donation of £30 for the complete course. 

Each session, you will have an opportunity to present a five-minute talk in a safe environment and get critiqued (constructively) by a group of your peers. You will also get to enjoy a short learning session. These learning sessions will cover topics such as creating stage presence, structuring your ideas, and exploring different presentation formats.

Spaces are limited so sign up today to avoid disappointment!”

If you would like more information please email hello@beehiveashford.com

The Beehive, 2 North Street, Ashford,

TN24 8JN