Celebrating our Chefs of the WHH “Meals & Messages” Project


This week we are celebrating Green Herring Catering Co – Uk

The Green Herring was an award winning restaurant in Canberra, Australia owned by Graham Green and Jane Herring. Graham came to Kent in 2008 and joined the Chives team as Head Chef and Director in which he is still heavily involved.

In 2015 Green Herring UK was formed to encompass his ‘pop-up’ restaurants and individual events such as dinner parties, buffet parties with bowl food and canapé events, whilst allowing the name of Graham Green to become as well-known in Kent as it is in Canberra for his sublime food and love of all things local.

We are so grateful to Graham for using his incredible skills and time to cook up some delicious and nutritious meals for our amazing NHS staff at the William Harvey.

Here are some of the things the staff had to say about the meals that Graham and the other cooks have been cooking for them –

“Thank you Ashford Vineyard for providing us with the delicious meals. We really appreciate it. We feel valued and looked after. Thank you for your kindness. I would like to say Thank you form the bottom of my heart. Sending a big Thank you from all the team in Oxford Ward, WHH”

‘Thank you for providing us with meals. We look forward to them every week. They are very tasty! Many thanks. Maisie, Ieuan, Hayley, Will, Chloe, Becca xx’

‘Thank you so much for the lovely meals! I had the carrot, ginger and lentil soup, it was amazing! Thank you, Emma from A&E Tech.’

Thank you Graham from all of us at Ashford Vineyard as well!!!

Let’s show our appreciation by liking and following their social media pages, to give Green Herring Catering the love and recognition they deserve!

You can find more information on how to get involved in this project by visiting https://linktr.ee/whhmeals