Impact Stories

We believe that Ashford Vineyard should be making a difference in the lives of people and this should be regarded against our aims. Some of this difference is measurable and some is more anecdotal. We show these in two ways - stats and stories. This page is dedicated to telling some of the stories that happen in and around the life of Ashford Vineyard as it looks to bring life to Ashford.

Latest Impact Stories

Knee pain ‘gone’ as lady arrives at #AVSundays

A lady came and spoke to us after the 9:30 service yesterday saying that she had hurt her knee the day before. She had been out walking and she felt…
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Charis story of feeling ‘no pain’

Charis tells of how she is feeling after suffering with chronic illnesses for the last nine years and then receiving prayer three weeks before this video!
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Joanna feeling incredible ‘love’

This lady came along to Ashford Vineyard’s Early Morning Prayer Gathering this morning that we have once a fortnight. She went on after this video, to say that she felt…
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Headache Pain Reduced

This lady had the chance to have her back prayed for. It was the top of her back and she has been suffering from headaches for a number of years.…
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Prayer Made a Difference to Back Pain and Leg ‘Stretched Out’

We encountered John while doing HOTS in Ashford town centre. He had some back pain and asked for prayer as soon as we’d put the flag up! gCf1PWDx0BM
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Back Pain ‘Gone’ After 34 Years!

We met this man while we were out doing HOTS in Ashford. He has had back pain pretty much every day for the last 34 years and so we prayed……
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