Advent Thought (15 Dec 2019): The Greatest Gift (Gavin Williams)

15th Dec 2019

Gavin talks about how we have received the greatest gift in the birth of Jesus.
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Advent Thought (14 Dec 2019): The Many Facets of Faith (Edith Hardwick)

14th Dec 2019

Edith talks about the various people in the first Christmas and the faith each one of them had.
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Advent Thought (12 Dec 2019): The Hope of Jesus (Chris Tatton)

12th Dec 2019

Chris talks about how Jesus was born into a period of political turmoil but he was still able to bring hope.
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Advent Thought (11 Dec 2019): Comparison (Josh Brown)

11th Dec 2019

Josh talks about how comparison is the thief of joy and how God has created you to be a part of His family.
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Advent Thought (10 Dec 2019): A Time of Hope (Karen Thatcher)

10th Dec 2019

Karen talks about the hope that is contained in Christmas and how we need to truly feel it.
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Christmas Talks (Episode 2): The Promises in the Names of Jesus (Nic Kimmance)

8th Dec 2019

Nic looks at Isaiah chapter 9 verse 6 and talks about the promises of the names of Jesus contained in that verse.
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Christmas Talks (Episode 1): The Promises of God (Chris Kimmance)

1st Dec 2019

Chris looks at Luke chapter 1 and talks about the promises given to Zechariah and Elizabeth about the birth of Jesus and how God keeps his promises to us.
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Worshipfest: Breaking Through (Nic Kimmance)

24th Nov 2019

Nic challenges to breakthrough in our relationship with God and she reminds us that love always looks like something.
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Every Life (Episode 2): The Woman at the Well (Nicola Neal)

17th Nov 2019

Nicola speaks about the woman at the well, from the book of John, and challenges us to think about the people in our lives who simply need to be loved and accepted.
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Every Life (Episode 1): Zacchaeus (Nicola Neal)

17th Nov 2019

Nicola speaks about the tax collector, Zacchaeus, from the book of Luke and how we need to mine for the beauty of God in people.
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Colossians (Episode 2): Clothe Yourself with Things Above (Nic Kimmance)

10th Nov 2019

Nic challenges us to lean into the things above by clothing ourselves with things that can only come from God.
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Colossians (Episode 1): Set your heart on the things above (Chris Kimmance)

3rd Nov 2019

Chris starts a new series on the book of Colossians by talking about how we need to set our hearts, not on the things of this world, but on the things above.
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Worshipfest: Finding Breakthrough (Kaylee Ciocan)

27th Oct 2019

Kaylee gives a brief overview of the book of Esther and how she used prayer, fasting and God's word to find breakthrough when serving others and God.
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How Ashford Vineyard is Impacting the Community (Chris and Nic Kimmance)

20th Oct 2019

Chris and Nic speak from John 15 and look at what has been happening in the community through Ashford Vineyard.
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Thousand Hours 2019 (Chris Tatton)

6th Oct 2019

Chris talks about all the ways you can get involved in thousand hours and be part of the kindness revolution.
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