An Invitation RSVP (Chris Kimmance)

19th Apr 2020

Chris explores how God is inviting us draw closer into Him, both now and at all times, in your life and how you can better experience his love.
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Easter Sunday (Chris Tatton)

12th Apr 2020

Chris looks at the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and why it was necessary in order for us to be able to have a relationship with God.
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Finding Your Focus (Nic Kimmance)

5th Apr 2020

In this period where everything around us is uncertain, Nic talks about ways we can find our focus by trusting in God.
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Keeping Well (Chris Kimmance)

29th Mar 2020

Chris explores what it means to keep well by taking a look at what the Bible has to say about loss and joy and how God loves us through it all.
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Peace in the Storm (Nic Kimmance)

22nd Mar 2020

In this first livestreamed service, Nic looks at the book of Mark, chapter 4, in the Bible and explores how we can find peace in the storm.
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Coronavirus Q&A (Chris Kimmance)

15th Mar 2020

With Coronavirus all over the news, Chris takes a moment to reflect on what the Bible says about diseases in general and what the Christian's response should be.
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Be, Become, Do (Episode 1): Be with Jesus (Nic Kimmance)

8th Mar 2020

Nic starts a new series on how we can transform Ashford for God by exploring how we can be with Jesus.
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Ashford Vineyard Aims (Episode 6): Strengthening Families (Josh Brown)

1st Mar 2020

Josh finishes this series of aims by exploring what it means to strengthen families and what the Bible says about it.
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Worshipfest: Who is God (Vicki Tatton)

23rd Feb 2020

Vicki raises the question of who God is in your life and what would our worship look like if we truly believed it.
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Ashford Vineyard Aims (Episode 5): Developing Leaders (Chris Kimmance)

16th Feb 2020

Chris challenges us to think about what leaders do and how we need to develop them and encourage them to positively impact Ashford.
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Ashford Vineyard Aims (Episode 4): Improving Opportunities for Children (Nic Kimmance)

9th Feb 2020

Nic addresses the fourth aim by sharing how important it is to reach young people and to build their confidence as children of God.
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Ashford Vineyard Aims (Episode 3): Improving People’s Health and Well-being (Chris Kimmance)

2nd Feb 2020

Chris speaks about the third aim and explores some of the ways that Jesus attended to people's physical needs.
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Decisions (Nic Kimmance)

26th Jan 2020

Nic speaks on this Sunday of baptisms about decisions and how you make decisions to take your relationship with God deeper.
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Ashford Vineyard Aims (Episode 2): Reducing the Impact of Poverty (Chris Tatton)

19th Jan 2020

Chris speaks about the second aim and shares how we can reduce the impact of poverty in Ashford.
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Ashford Vineyard Aims (Episode 1): Increasing Connection with God as Father (Nic Kimmance)

12th Jan 2020

Nic begins a new series going through the six aims that Ashford Vineyard has by looking at the first one, which is to increase people's connection with God as Father.
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