Bible Legends (Episode 1): Moses (Chris Kimmance)

2nd Aug 2020

Chris gives the first of a five-part series by looking at the life of Moses and how his relationship with God has made him a Bible legend.
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Prepare for Re-entry (Episode 4): Unforced Rhythms of Grace (Nic Kimmance)

26th Jul 2020

Nic completes this series by looking at the book of Matthew in the Bible and how our rhythms of work, rest and play can be used to help us thrive.
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Prepare for Re-entry (Episode 3): Diaries and Priorities (Chris Tatton)

19th Jul 2020

Chris challenges us to think about how we spend our time and whether it is something that we're using it to draw into a deeper relationship with God.
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Prepare for Re-entry (Episode 2): Living with Fear (Chris Kimmance)

12th Jul 2020

Chris talks about how the Bible says that perfect love drives out fear and how we can use this to during this time of living in a pandemic.
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Prepare for Re-entry (Episode 1): Born to Do What? (Chris Kimmance)

5th Jul 2020

In this first of a four-part series, Chris wants us to ask ourselves three questions in order to understand what we were born to do.
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Rooted in Jesus (Chris Tatton)

28th Jun 2020

In this challenging talk, Chris explores what it means to be rooted in Christ instead of the things of this world.
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Father’s Day (Nic Kimmance)

21st Jun 2020

On this day that celebrates fathers, Nic talks about the pressures and stereotypes that society puts on fathers, while acknowledging the mixed feelings that some people might have with this day.
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Lincoln Vineyard Commissioning (Marc and Maddy Pearson)

14th Jun 2020

On their commissioning Sunday, Marc and Maddy share why they chose to church plant in Lincoln and what their vision is for this exciting new chapter in their lives.
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Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly (Chris Kimmance)

7th Jun 2020

Chris looks at the book of Micah in the Old Testament and the three things listed there in order to develop a closer relationship with God.
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Pentecost (Eleanor Mumford)

31st May 2020

Special guest speaker, Eleanor, speaks about Pentecost, the day when Jesus went back to Heaven and sent the Holy Spirit to the world.
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Fear and Love (Chris Tatton)

24th May 2020

How does perfect love drive out fear? Chris explores this by looking at the 1st letter of John, Chapter 4 and seeing what God says about it.
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What Love Is Like (Chris Kimmance)

17th May 2020

Chris looks at the first book of Corinthians, chapter 13 and explores what God's love is and how we as His children should model it to those around us.
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Called to be Carriers of God (Nic Kimmance)

10th May 2020

Nic talks about how we are called to live a life not filled with just routines, but to bring God's light and love to a world in need of it.
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God is Looking for You (Chris Kimmance)

3rd May 2020

Chris talks about how as a lost person, God is looking for you because He desires for you to be in a relationship with Him.
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The Purpose of Miracles (Nic Kimmance)

26th Apr 2020

Exploring the miracle where Jesus heals the son of a royal official, Nic talks about how the purpose of miracles was to point the way to God.
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