Life Coaching (Episode 2): Dealing with the Past (Nic Kimmance)

11th Oct 2020

Nic talks about how we need to selectively deal with our past so that we can be free from it and how God can change our future.
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Life Coaching (Episode 1): Cost (Chris Kimmance)

4th Oct 2020

Chris starts a brand new series on life coaching and how we can live life to the full. This first episode covers how everything that is worth something, costs something.
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Family Reunion: Being Spiritual Family (Chris Tatton)

27th Sep 2020

Chris continues with this series by looking at what it means to be a part of a spiritual family and how this is the example for us in our relationship with God.
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Family Reunion: Honour (Chris Kimmance)

20th Sep 2020

Chris talks about how honour is the pathway that forges new relationships and strengthens existing ones, by being able to find the spark in someone and then igniting it.
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Family Reunion: Vulnerability (Nic Kimmance)

13th Sep 2020

Nic talks about how being vulnerable can help people come together and connect, which then allows beautiful things to happen.
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Ten Years of Ashford Vineyard (Chris Kimmance)

6th Sep 2020

Chris reflects on the past ten years of Ashford Vineyard's ministry and what the future holds for it.
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Bible Legends (Episode 5): Daniel (Chris Tatton)

30th Aug 2020

Chris wraps up this series by looking at Daniel and by challenging us to consider how we can use the position that God has placed us in for His glory.
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Bible Legends (Episode 4): Mary Magdalene (Nic Kimmance)

23rd Aug 2020

Nic looks at the the life of Mary Magdalene and explores how her encounter with Jesus changed everything for her.
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Bible Legends (Episode 3): Joseph (Charlotte Rawling)

16th Aug 2020

Charlotte delves into the life of Joseph and what we can learn from how he trusted God even in the most difficult times.
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Bible Legends (Episode 2): Ruth (Josh Brown)

9th Aug 2020

Josh explores Ruth and how her noble personality led to her unwavering support for her mother-in-law, Naomi, and because of this has become a Bible legend.
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Bible Legends (Episode 1): Moses (Chris Kimmance)

2nd Aug 2020

Chris gives the first of a five-part series by looking at the life of Moses and how his relationship with God has made him a Bible legend.
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Prepare for Re-entry (Episode 4): Unforced Rhythms of Grace (Nic Kimmance)

26th Jul 2020

Nic completes this series by looking at the book of Matthew in the Bible and how our rhythms of work, rest and play can be used to help us thrive.
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Prepare for Re-entry (Episode 3): Diaries and Priorities (Chris Tatton)

19th Jul 2020

Chris challenges us to think about how we spend our time and whether it is something that we're using it to draw into a deeper relationship with God.
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Prepare for Re-entry (Episode 2): Living with Fear (Chris Kimmance)

12th Jul 2020

Chris talks about how the Bible says that perfect love drives out fear and how we can use this to during this time of living in a pandemic.
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Prepare for Re-entry (Episode 1): Born to Do What? (Chris Kimmance)

5th Jul 2020

In this first of a four-part series, Chris wants us to ask ourselves three questions in order to understand what we were born to do.
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