Taste and see that the Lord is good (Chris Kimmance)

21st Nov 2021

As we worship we make room for God to inhabit the praises of His people, and in these moments we get to taste His goodness.
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Practicing Gratitude (Nic Kimmance)

14th Nov 2021

Nic spoke on the many benefits of practising gratitude which is biblically based and scientifically proven to enrich our lives.
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Why not here, why not now, why not us (Chris Kimmance)

7th Nov 2021

Chris reminds us that we will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living and the increase of His kingdom and government will see no end. Chris encourages us to dream with God and to partner with Him.
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Keep Your Eyes Fixed (Chris Tatton)

24th Oct 2021

Chris encourages us to keep our eyes and gaze fixed on Jesus and put our blinkers on when we need to, so we don't get distracted from the one that matters the most.
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God Of Resurrection (Nicola Neal)

10th Oct 2021

Nicola unwraps the story of Lazarus where we can find a promise of great hope and comfort.
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Hold A Space (Chris Kimmance)

3rd Oct 2021

We have an invitation and a responsibility for us to hold a space for those around us to have an encounter with God.
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Knowing God #2 – Geoff Kirya

26th Sep 2021

A man who’s encounter with God was so powerful yet so quiet, which then changed his life forever. Geoff tells his story of how he was set free from his addictions overnight!
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What We Do – AV Aims (Kat Brown)

26th Sep 2021

Kat speaks about our aims which is to bring life to Ashford, where everyone gets to play and be part of a bigger story.
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What We’re Like – AV Culture (Chris Kimmance)

19th Sep 2021

Following up on last weeks talk, ‘Who We Are’, Chris speaks on culture - the environment we curate to nurture the things we wish to see.
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Who We Are – AV Vision 2021(Nic Kimmance)

12th Sep 2021

We are a family on a mission who create spaces for people to encounter God, be equipped to bring life to the city and experience the outworking of this in their day-to-day.
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Keep Leaning In (Chris Kimmance)

5th Sep 2021

All answers to life's toughest questions are found in our Creator, our God! Chris encourages us to keep leaning into Him.
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Big People – Samuel (Frances Eason)

29th Aug 2021

Frances highlights that Hearing doesn’t necessarily mean Listening, and Listening doesn’t necessarily mean taking action.
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Big People – Gideon (Kat Brown)

22nd Aug 2021

Kat reminds us of the nature of God in the story of Gideon - He speaks identity and destiny over us way before we are willing to enter into it.
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Big People – Mordecai (Nic Kimmance)

15th Aug 2021

Nic spoke on Mordecai who shows us what fathering looks like - to step up, show up, and raise others up!
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Big People – Jonathan (Chris Tatton)

8th Aug 2021

As Chris spoke about the friendship between David and Jonathan, he reminds us that great friendship requires great commitment.
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