Heaven’s Hope: Episode 4 (Chris Kimmance)

6th Jun 2021

Instead of leaning into our self sufficiency, Chris encourages us to lean into His all-sufficiency!
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Heaven’s Hope: Episode 3 (Chris Tatton)

30th May 2021

Chris left us with one simple yet profound truth, that 'Jesus is enough for you!'
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Heaven’s Hope: Episode 2 (Kat Brown)

23rd May 2021

Kat continues to look at the book of Colossians, highlighting three themes - Hope, Maturity and Identity.
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Heaven’s Hope: Episode 1 (Chris Kimmance)

16th May 2021

Chris starts off our new series of Heavens Hope, which will be working through the book of Colossians.
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Taking Hold and Taking Out (Chris Kimmance)

9th May 2021

Chris speaks about the church being invited to get hold of His glory and take it out into the world.
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Handing over the admin baton (Liz Thatcher and Michelle Pritchard)

2nd May 2021

Nic interviews Liz Thatcher and Michelle Pritchard on how they see God use and move within the admin role to bring life to Ashford.
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Celebrating Compassion UK (Dora.A)

25th Apr 2021

Dora encourages us not to grow weary in doing good, because in due season we will reap a reward. She inspires us to be faithful to our calling!
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Return (Chris.K)

18th Apr 2021

Chris shares with us the longing of the Father for us to come back to Him!
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Building a life of Try (Jordan.S)

11th Apr 2021

In this talk which was first shared at the Vineyard National Gathering 2021, Jordan explains that it takes a life of trying to bring the kingdom of Heaven to the chaos of this world.
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Easter Sunday – Freedom (Chris. K)

4th Apr 2021

In this talk Chris speaks about our Freedom in Jesus, which cannot be earned, it's a gift from God.
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Palm Sunday – Heaven’s Expectation (Nic.K)

28th Mar 2021

In this talk Nic urges us to stop defining God's nature by our own experience and circumstance.
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Life Coaching (Episode 18): Wrap-up (Chris.K)

21st Mar 2021

Chris wraps up Life Coaching with a final ingredient that pulls all of the talks in this series together!
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Life Coaching (Episode 17): Uncluttered (Nic.K)

14th Mar 2021

Nic encourages us to live life freely and uncluttered so we can focus on making the main things the main thing!
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Life Coaching (Episode 16): Sabbath (Chris.K)

7th Mar 2021

In this talk Chris invites us to deepen our relationship with God through Sabbath - A day to Stop, Rest, Delight and Worship!
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Life Coaching (Episode 15): Prayer (Nic.K)

28th Feb 2021

Nic speaks about the simplicity of prayer! In her words, it is a language of communication between a child and their heavenly father.
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