Miracles (Episode 6): The Feeding of the Five Thousand (Nic Kimmance)

9th Jun 2019

Nic speaks about the miracle where Jesus fed five thousand people using nothing but five loaves of bread and two fish.
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Miracles (Episode 5): Wedding at Cana (Chris Kimmance)

2nd Jun 2019

Chris looks at the wedding at Cana, where Jesus turned water into wine, and how God can be influenced .
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Home for Good: Billy Jo O’Leary Interview

19th May 2019

Billy Jo O'Leary from Home for Good speaks about her life and the work of Home for Good in wanting all children to have a place they can call home.
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Miracles (Episode 4): The Paralysed Man Lowered Through The Roof (Nic Kimmance)

12th May 2019

Nic speaks about the miracle of the paralysed man who was lowered through the roof and how we need to love the one in front of us.
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Miracles (Episode 3): Calming the Storm (Chris Kimmance)

5th May 2019

Chris continues the series on Miracles by looking at Mark chapter 4 where Jesus calms the storm by speaking to it.
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WorshipFest: Power in Weakness (Richie Dowdall)

28th Apr 2019

Richie speaks about 2 Corinthians 12:9 and how in our weaknesses there is God's power.
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Easter: Why Jesus Came (Chris Kimmance)

21st Apr 2019

Chris speaks about Jesus and how He came to show what God the Father is like.
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Miracles (Episode 2):The Ten Lepers

14th Apr 2019

Chris Tatton continues the series on miracles by looking at the healing of the ten lepers and the power Jesus has to heal.
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Miracles (Episode 1): Jairus’ Daughter (Laura Brittain)

7th Apr 2019

Laura starts a new series on miracles by looking at the raising of Jairus' daughter from the dead and the healing of a woman from twelve years of bleeding.
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The Jesus Who Heals (Guest Speaker- Mark Marx)

31st Mar 2019

Mark Marx speaks a little about himself and about the miracles of Jesus where he healed people.
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A Piece of the Puzzle (Charlotte Rawling)

24th Mar 2019

Charlotte talks about how we are a piece of the puzzle and we all have a place in the big picture.
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Church Planting Sunday (Chris Kimmance)

17th Mar 2019

Chris talks about what it's like to start up a new church and interviews a few people who want to start up churches themselves.
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The 42-Week Challenge (Nic Kimmance)

10th Mar 2019

Nic challenges each person who has said 'yes' to Jesus to bring another person to say 'yes' to Jesus and see five others healed as a result of praying.
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The Family (Episode 7): Family Hope and Longing (Chris Kimmance)

3rd Mar 2019

Chris finishes out the series on the family by looking at one day that is to come.
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