Who We Are – AV Vision 2021(Nic Kimmance)

12th Sep 2021

We are a family on a mission who create spaces for people to encounter God, be equipped to bring life to the city and experience the outworking of this in their day-to-day.
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Keep Leaning In (Chris Kimmance)

5th Sep 2021

All answers to life's toughest questions are found in our Creator, our God! Chris encourages us to keep leaning into Him.
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Big People – Samuel (Frances Eason)

29th Aug 2021

Frances highlights that Hearing doesn’t necessarily mean Listening, and Listening doesn’t necessarily mean taking action.
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Big People – Gideon (Kat Brown)

22nd Aug 2021

Kat reminds us of the nature of God in the story of Gideon - He speaks identity and destiny over us way before we are willing to enter into it.
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Big People – Mordecai (Nic Kimmance)

15th Aug 2021

Nic spoke on Mordecai who shows us what fathering looks like - to step up, show up, and raise others up!
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Big People – Jonathan (Chris Tatton)

8th Aug 2021

As Chris spoke about the friendship between David and Jonathan, he reminds us that great friendship requires great commitment.
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Big People – Rahab (Chris Kimmance)

1st Aug 2021

Our cities and towns will be transformed by having Big People, who live out of the fulness of all God has for them!
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Knowing God #1 – Don Temple

25th Jul 2021

As we remember and celebrate the life of Don Temple today, we wanted to release the first episode of this podcast by sharing the wealth of this man's experience and walk with Jesus, which will leave you wanting to know God the way he did!
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Heaven’s Hope: Episode 10 (Chris Kimmance)

18th Jul 2021

Chris wrapped up our final episode of Heaven’s Hope reminding us that we are a chosen people, holy and dearly loved by the God of creation.
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Heaven’s Hope: Episode 9 (Chris Kimmance)

11th Jul 2021

Chris encourages us to set our hearts on the things above, where Christ in seated so we can usher in the reality of heaven to earth.
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Heaven’s Hope: Episode 8 (Chris Tatton)

4th Jul 2021

Chris reminds us of the ultimate freedom of the cross, “There is nothing for you to prove, Jesus has done it all! Everything is forgiven!”
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Heaven’s Hope: Episode 7 (Kat Brown)

27th Jun 2021

In this talk Kat continues to unwrap Paul's message to the Colossians - Jesus is fully enough and is over everything; In Him we are complete and lack nothing!
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Heaven’s Hope: Episode 6 (Chris Kimmance)

20th Jun 2021

Chris left us with a powerful message for the men to be the best fathers they can be, and for the women to celebrate and encourage the fathers in their lives.
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Heaven’s Hope: Episode 5 (Nic Kimmance)

13th Jun 2021

Nic continues to unpack the book of Colossians for us and reminds us of Pauls message to the church - "Don't wait, while you are in your suffering you have a message of Hope to take forward!"
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Heaven’s Hope: Episode 4 (Chris Kimmance)

6th Jun 2021

Instead of leaning into our self sufficiency, Chris encourages us to lean into His all-sufficiency!
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