Back Healing

We’d love to share with you this story of God’s kindness and healing from Mary-Jane Rowe who is a part of our AV family.

Mary-Jane had an incident a few weeks ago where she fell backwards out of the bath, twisted her back, fell heavily on the tiled floor, and hit her left side on the washbasin. During a wider leadership team meeting that took place after her fall, she described her back as going into painful spasms that made her want to go home. Mary-Jane said, “At the end of the meeting, when we were asked to pray for each other, Liz brought a group to pray for me. I’m really not sure who prayed. I just know that instantly my body relaxed. My muscle pain was a 7/10 and then dipped to about a 2/10.” Whilst praying, Liz heard the word ‘tear’ and then prayed that any tear that happened as a result of Mary-Jane’s fall would be healed. “I hadn’t mentioned my right breast and how sore it was. It had started to really hurt 24 hours after the fall and not before. I really couldn’t see how I had hurt it but the pain felt like it was being torn off my body. It was throbbing at a pain level of eight (out of ten), but before I left the warehouse the pain was totally gone,” said Mary-Jane. She went home and was able to get in bed without squealing and could roll over without crying out. She was able to sleep well and without pain. “The only pain I am left with is in the top joint of my ring finger and the tip of my elbow. These for me are good pains because they remind me about the huge healing God did for me through Liz and you all,” added Mary-Jane. She was so thankful God showed Liz the pain she was in and for Liz’s obedience to God to pray for her!