Vision and Values


  1. Ashford Vineyard is a church that reaches out and gathers in. Where people are made to feel welcome and that they matter. They don’t have to be anything that they’re not to belong, they can come as they are. An open door to all.
  2. A place where everyone is encouraged to live life to the full and take risks. A place to be all that we were designed to be and step into all God has for us. A place to dream!
  3. A community of fun, lots of laughter and quality friendships. Where people are mentored and in turn mentor, spurring each other on to become more like Jesus. A community where everyone gets plugged-in.
  4. A place that raises up leaders who raise leaders – that identifies, recruits, trains, deploys, monitors and nurtures them, championing them all the way!
  5. A community where people’s lives are changed through encountering God, both in worship and in the day-to-day. Where people respond to the extravagant love He has shown us. Somewhere that miracles happen, where healing and health are normal.
  6. A place where people instinctively turn when they need help, whatever the reason. People are loved and hope is restored and receivers become givers. A place that brings life to Ashford.
  7. A people who believe the best version of the Bible is the one we live out. Where God’s Spirit empowers and infuses everything. A place where conversations upwards are as normal as conversations sideways.
  8. A church that is committed to planting more churches.


  1. We use plain language accessible to all
  2. We remove obstacles to make people’s route to Jesus as straightforward as possible
  3. Jesus is in the middle – everyone else is round the outside
  4. Excellence in everything
  5. We exist for the benefit of our non-members
  6. Worship is simple and from the heart
  7. Form and structure is there only to support and liberate
  8. You can belong without having to believe