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In the summer of 2010, Chris and Nic Kimmance left Southend in Essex and moved to Ashford to plant a Vineyard Church. They didn’t know anyone at all (apart from they’d got to know the estate agent a little!) but knew this was where they felt they should be coming. The church itself started in their back garden on September 4th 2010, with everyone in the photo below actually being just family/friends visiting! It soon became clear that God loved Ashford as much as Chris and Nic did and He gave them a clear vision of the kind of place that Ashford could be. (Check out our Visions and Values page to see how that looks!) As well as Chris having a daughter, Martha, from his first marriage, they had two other girls, Lucy who was 17 months and Maddy who was just two weeks old!

Our tagline at Ashford Vineyard is ‘Bringing Life To Ashford’. We love our town, we love the people in it and we are committed to bringing a fullness of life to this wonderful town. We believe that most people would want that too – to see themselves and their friends and family living a full life. We believe that true freedom is found in the extravagant, relentless and passionate love of God, which is why we want to make it easy for anyone to find Him. We love to build community and to love people and show just how much they are treasured and enjoyed. One of the ways we go after this is to create spaces where anyone is able to come and be a part of what’s going on, without having to believe in order to belong. In other words, people from varying faiths and none can often find a home in Ashford Vineyard somewhere. People who are unsure what they think about God are no less precious, loved or welcome than anyone who has said a ‘yes’ to Jesus.

Ashford Vineyard has many elements; from Sunday mornings at The Warehouse, to gathering groups and circles throughout the week, and many Compassion projects in between. To discover more of who we are, do explore this website and you would be most welcome to turn up at something. The quality of the welcome you receive is something that matters to us.

Also, in 2021 Ashford Vineyard launched Kingdom Academy in response to what God had began to speak at the end of 2019 about setting up an academy where people are trained up specifically to release life into the city. It was clear that the academy was not to bring life to the church, but to the city. You can read all about it in our Kingdom Academy webpage!

Check out how you can get plugged-in to the life of Ashford Vineyard, and feel free to get in touch, and we’ll happily try to answer any questions you may have.

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