24 Hours of Prayer

We have 24 hours of prayer from this Saturday (2nd) at 8pm until Sunday (3rd) at 8pm, and we’d love you to join us!

As Nic mentioned in her talk on Sunday, our prayers are powerful and effective and the biggest lie of the enemy is that praying won’t make a difference. Rubbish! We’ve seen so many wonderful instances in the last few weeks of where prayers have shaped and shifted situations going on around us and allowed supernatural hope to break into hopeless circumstances. And, there’s much more to come!

A whole day of praying can feel a bit daunting to even the most seasoned pray-er, so we’ll be breaking the 24 hours down in hour slots. We’d love to have someone praying for every hour of the day and the best way to do that is to ask you to sign up using the link below to tell us when you’ll be praying. It’s ok to have more than one person praying in each slot, but do try and start by filling empty slots if you can!

How do I sign up? Just click on the link below and write your name in the ‘participant’ box. Then tick the slot/slots you can do and simply click ‘send’ to tell us which slots you’ll be covering. https://doodle.com/poll/pu3x72n2csffmn7r

How can I connect with others? When we’ve had a day of prayer in the past, we’ve allocated a particular room to go to and pray, and given people a way to record the things they feel God was saying to them during their ‘slot’. Whilst we aren’t able to do that at The Warehouse at the moment, we’ve decided to create a ‘virutal’ space that allows people to still meet together if multiple people are in the same time slot, and a way to leave messages about what they feel God has spoken about if they’d like to. Of course you don’t have to be sat at your computer for an hour and you can decide on where to pray at home or during your exercise and just pop into the room to leave a message when you’re all done if you’d prefer.  This will be done via Whereby, a video calling app that allows people to go into a room and connect with others to pray together and write their thoughts in the ‘chat’ box at the side. You don’t need to have an account to use the room and can simply click on the link below from a phone or computer. There is an app available to download and we’ve found that people have had better connection when using this, so do feel free to download it if you’d like to. Once you click the link, you can decide whether to join the room with video or just audio (depending on how your hair is looking at 3am!!).  No one will be able to view the comments you’ve made in the chat box apart from Chris and Nic, and no video or audio will be recorded at any point so you don’t have to worry about others hearing you pray if you want to pray out loud in the room or dance around the screen.  Remember, if you’d rather not use this ‘space’ at all and just pray on your own in a different way then this is absolutely fine. The main thing is to have people praying! 

The link for the room is https://ashfordvineyard.whereby.com/room1

What should I do during my hour/s? Praying looks different for different people. It can be sitting quietly and sharing your thoughts silently with God, or be loud and active as you walk the dog, worship, dance or paint. Pete Grieg has some excellent guidance for prayer in general life, which is to keep it simple, keep it real and keep it up! 

  • Keeping it simple looks like sharing your heart with God in conversation or interaction with him where you present your thankfulness, desires and requests to him. It doesn’t need to be polished or flashy in any way! Talk to God about what you’re grateful for, what you want to see happen in situations around you.
  • Keeping it real means that you can be yourself and pray in a way that reflects how you’re feeling. You don’t need long words or a special voice and you don’t need to be feeling joyful or peaceful at the time you pray. God loves it when his children come to him in all situations, not just when they feel they can ‘get it right’. 
  • Keeping it up means you may need to vary things to keep praying for an hour if you find yourself getting restless. Try moving to another space, doing something active like writing or journalling, putting some music on to connect with God through worship. 

What should I pray about? In this season we’re focusing our prayers on the current Covid-19 crisis and it’s effect on Ashford, the nation and the world. We’d encourage you to pray against the virus itself and then pray for the many situations that need breakthrough as a result of the pandemic. It might help you to use a list to keep you focussed throughout the hour.  

We’ve come up with some ideas of specific things you could pray for that you can find on our website from a previous day of prayer (but know that it’s not exhaustive so you can add to it!)  https://ashfordvineyard.org/20-things-you-could-pray-for-on-the-national-day-of-pray/

How can I hear from God when I pray? Prayer is a 2-way interaction so try to spend some of your time listening to what God may be saying to you as you connect with him. You might find yourself drawn to a particular verse or passage as you read your bible, have a particular thought that pops into your head, or even find yourself picturing something in your minds-eye that seems to point to an encouragement or truth that God is reminding you of. If it is something that brings encouragement or revelation that it could well be straight from God, so make a note of it and ask him to show you more. God loves to reveal His heart to us as we draw close to him and speak to us in new and exciting ways so the best advice is to take some time to listen, be open to God speaking in ways you may not expect, and don’t worry if you don’t feel like you hear anything at all! Sometimes things that don’t make sense to you at the time are powerful when they are added to a bigger picture of what God has been saying to others so remember to leave your thoughts in the ‘chat’ box in the Whereby Room.

If we can pray at any time, why are we praying in this 24-hour period? The bible encourages us to ‘pray without ceasing’ so we’re certainly not suggesting that we should pray only during this 24 hour period! However, we see evidence in the bible and throughout history of powerful breakthroughs and encounters with God being borne out of times of dedicated prayer and fasting as the church unites under one cause: to thank God for his faithfulness and call upon his intervention in our current circumstances.

We’re expectant that as we come together to pray as a family we will see more of the miraculous break out across Ashford and beyond!