20 Things you could pray for on the National Day of Pray

Sometimes when we’re faced with the idea of praying, it’s hard to know where to start! Here is a list we’ve put together of ideas of things you could pray for as we get involved with the National Day of Prayer on Sunday 22nd March. It’s not an exhaustive list, so do feel free to add your own ideas as you go. The one thing to know for sure is that prayer changes things, so nothing you pray will be wasted! If you have any stories of answers to prayers during this time or things you think God may be saying to you as you pray that could be helpful for others, then do send them in to us on stories@ashfordvineyard.org.

1. Praying against Coronavirus

– For a slow down of the spread

– For breakthrough medically in terms of testing & vaccination

– For healing for those infected

– For supernatural protection for the vulnerable

– Wisdom for those in global leadership positions about responding to the pandemic.

2. For people practically

– Access to food and essential supplies for all

– Access to medical care for those with new or existing conditions

– Financial provision for those in hardship prior to or as a result of the pandemic

– Access to digital connection and up to date information for all

3. For people emotionally

– Fear and anxiety being replaced by peace and hope

– Creative ways to reduce isolation during this season

– Opportunities for people to find joy and a sense of belonging in spite of social distancing

4. For people spiritually

– Opportunities for people to encounter God during this time in new and life-changing ways.

– For people to grow their faith and connect at a deeper level with God

– For the nation to experience a spiritual awakening as people deal with a time of crisis and fear.

– For people to experience supernatural breakthrough in their physical, mental and emotional health during this time

5. For frontline services

– For frontline staff to have access to all the resources and equipment they need to treat people as best they can

– For the mental health and energy levels of frontline staff as they continue to respond to such a fast-paced and changing situation

– For the families of frontline staff as they adapt to the pressures placed on their loved ones

– For wisdom for all in positions of leadership and decision-making in key organisations