AV Kids

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What to expect when you arrive


When you arrive, parents will be able to check the kids in upstairs at The Warehouse between 10-10.15am. Once they’re all checked in, they will be met by their MAD (‘Making A Difference’) team leader who will welcome them and get them settled in for the morning. 

There will be a 40 minute ‘All-In’ time where all groups of all ages with have some games and songs based on the weekly ‘Big Idea’ theme.

They will then split off into their age groups for a 20 minute session of discussion and activities related to that week’s ‘Big Idea’. They’ll finish their morning by joining back in with the whole of Kids Church for a final game and song before heading back to their parents! 



AV Tots (ages 2-4 years: pre-school)


AV Tots is designed for ages 2-4 years (pre-school). They share the ‘Big Idea’ with the other ages each week, but have their own room where they can explore the theme at their own level, in a safe and fun environment.


AV Kids (ages 4-10 years: Reception to Year 5)


AV Kids is for ages 4-10 years (R-Yr5). We want to give our kids the opportunity to build lasting relationships with Jesus and each other in a fun and safe environment. Every AV Kids session will involve games, music, prayer, silliness, friendship and fun, all around a weekly ‘Big Idea’ theme.


We LOVE our AV kids, and we hope that we can help them experience a life full of love, and see first hand just how fun God is. 

For more information about AV Kids and how to get involved, or get in touch: info@ashfordvineyard.org, we’d love to hear from you!  


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