AV Kids

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What to expect when you arrive


When you arrive at The Warehouse, parents will be able to register their kids downstairs from 9.10am (First Service) and 11am (Second Service)

From 9.15 (or 11.15) parents will be able to check the kids in upstairs where they will be met by a member of the Kids Team who will welcome them and get them settled in for the morning.


AV Sparks (ages 2-4 years: pre-school)


Sparks is designed for ages 2-4 years (pre-school). They have their own room which provides a safe and fun environment, and where they can play, hear a story, and do some colouring or craft, based on the story they have heard. During the morning, they will be given a snack and join with the older children for some songs.


AV Ignite (ages 4-10 years: Reception to Year 5)


Ignite is for ages 4-10 years (R-Yr5). We want to give our kids the opportunity to build lasting relationships with Jesus and each other in a fun and safe environment. Every Ignite session will involve games, music, prayer, fun and friendship.


We LOVE our AV kids, and we hope that we can help them experience a life full of love, and see first hand just how fun God is. 

For more information about AV Kids and how to get involved, or get in touch: info@ashfordvineyard.org, we’d love to hear from you!  


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