AV Sundays

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What to expect on a normal AV Sunday


Sundays are an important part of the life of Ashford Vineyard. Not particularly because it’s a Sunday, but because it’s a chance for us to get together and spend time enjoying God together. We can see in the Bible that there are times when God meets with people on their own and in small groups, but there are also times when God loves to see a load of his people together in one place, worshipping Him, enjoying Him and getting fired up to go and serve a community that needs loving.

As of Sunday 15th April, we have made the move to 2 Sundays services. (Apart from the 4th Sunday in the Month when it’s one service only, at 9.30am – less talk and more worship!).

9.30am & 11.30am

(two 75 minute services, with a refreshment break at the crossover)

We tend to start with a time of worship and opportunities to share stories about how God is restoring lives across Ashford. Then someone else will come and teach something from the Bible usually around a series or theme, and we wrap up with  a chance for people to respond in some way to God and often get prayer for something that they may be struggling with. 

Well, that’s the outline. All sorts of people come along. People who would consider themselves followers of Jesus and people who would say they’re only asking questions and wondering. You don’t need to believe to belong!

Kids welcome? Absolutely! AV Kids runs alongside both of our main services, and is a great way for kids to know Jesus in fun and creative ways. Just visit our AV Kids page to find out more. AV Youth meet in the second service only.

If your child is under 2 years old and getting restless, or you want a more private area to feed your baby, there is a crèche area available in the Mezzanine, with live feed from the service so you don’t miss out. We love having children with us on Sundays and just want them and you to be comfortable so feel free to ask if there is anything else you need. 


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