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What to expect on a typical AV Sunday

Sundays are just one important part of the life of Ashford Vineyard. It’s a chance for us to connect with God and each other. We can see in the Bible that there are times when God meets with people on their own and in small groups, but there are also times when God loves to see a load of his people together in one place, worshipping Him, enjoying Him and getting fired up to go and serve a community that needs loving.

We tend to start with a time of worship (singing some songs to God and about God) and opportunities to share stories about how God is restoring lives across Ashford. Then someone else will come and teach something from the bible usually around a series or theme, and we wrap up with a chance for people to respond in some way to God and often get prayer for something that they may be struggling with.

Join us online every Sunday at 9.30am or Save Your Seat in the auditorium by choosing your date and clicking on the event in the calendar.

Streamed live on a Sunday!


All welcome

Well, that’s the outline. All sorts of people come along. People who would consider themselves followers of Jesus and people who would say they’re only asking questions and wondering. You don’t need to believe to belong! Kids welcome? Absolutely. AV Kids runs alongside both of our main services, and is a great way for kids to get to know Jesus in fun and creative ways! Scroll down to find out more about AV Kids and Youth. If your child is under 2 years old and getting restless, or you want a more private area to feed your baby, there is a créche area available in the Mezzanine, with a live feed from the adult service so you don’t miss out. We love having children with us on Sundays and just want them and you to be comfortable, so feel free to ask if there is anything else you need.

General Info

What time does it start?

We have 2 Sunday services each week starting at: 9.30am & 11:30am except the 4th Sunday of the month when we meet at 9.30am only, for Worshipfest. We would suggest getting there ten mins early for service one and definitely 30 mins early for service two, as there are refreshments in between the two services (or following Worshipfest), which gives you the perfect opportunity to meet new people!

Where is the church?

We meet in The Warehouse: Cobbs Wood Industrial Estate, Brunswick Road, TN23 1EH. Just look for our big green Ashford Vineyard sign – and we always have our car parking team out and about in high-vis on a Sunday to welcome you and help you find your way!

Where can I park?

When you arrive, our car park team are ready to show you where to park, so just look for the people in high-vis and they will direct you. We have very limited parking outside our building, so they will show you the best places, but if you need to park close by, we have a few spaces saved in case you can’t walk too far! (Please don’t hesitate to ask our car parking team if you have any problems.)

What should I wear?!

We have no dress code. Most people who come are dressed really casually – jeans and T-shirts are absolutely acceptable. But you’re more than welcome to wear your ‘Sunday best’ too! Whatever you are most comfortable in is what you should wear.

What can I expect on a Sunday morning?

When you arrive, you’ll be welcomed by our welcome team. If you’ve never been before, they will happily show you into the auditorium and point out anything you need to know. If you have children the welcome team will be able to show you where you can sign your children into AV Kids (Click here for some more information about what we offer for children). We gather in the auditorium for some worship, followed by teaching from one of our leaders. The service lasts around 75 minutes

We know that different people worship in different ways, so although we have a lively band, please feel free to move about, or sit quietly. We never ask you to be anything other than yourself.

We always have refreshments together in between the 2 services- we love catching up and meeting new people!

Worshipfest is on the 4th Sunday of the month, and starts at 9.30am. This is quite simply ‘less talk: more worship.’

Do you have an event for newcomers?

Every fortnight, one of the leaders at Ashford Vineyard opens their home up for lunch after the morning services and invites any newcomers round for a bite to eat! It gives us a chance to meet you and gives you a chance to find out a little more about who we are, how this church came about, and how you can get plugged-in to the life of Ashford Vineyard. We would love to take your details on a Sunday morning, so we can invite you to our next one!


What to expect when you arrive

When you arrive at The Warehouse, you will be able to register and check-in your kids upstairs from 9am (1st service)/11.15am (2nd service). On check-in, you will be given a wristband with a number that matches your child, so that if there are any problems during the service, you can be found and no-one else can check your child out.

The kids will be welcomed by a member of our AV Kids team, who will help them to settle in. All children are different – some love to expend some energy and others like a find a quieter space until the group fun begins – we know that sometimes a lot of people can be a bit overwhelming at first!

There are plenty of team tables around for the kids to play games together, read or do crafts until AV Kids kicks off at 9.45am/11.45am.

Our Kids teams are:

  • Diamonds (Yr R- Yr 1)
  • Emeralds (Yr2-Yr3)
  • Sapphires (Yr4-Yr5)


The morning then begins with a short gathering game, followed by group worship, a little snack break to catch up with friends about our weeks, and then a talk or story time in our teams, with plenty of activities.

Children are collected upstairs after the adult’s service, at 10.45am/12.45pm where they’ll swap their wristband for their correct child (no children swapsies!).

We LOVE our AV Kids and want them to have a fun and meaningful time with us. We want to help them to see just how fun God is, and what a life of intimacy with Him, really looks like. If you have questions about AV Kids, please do get in touch at, we’d love to hear from you!

AV Youth is where life happens for our young people who are Years 6- Year 11! They meet in the second service only on a Sunday morning and have a great time hanging out with friends, getting a chance to explore some of the big questions and learning about how to navigate life as a teenager following God. They also have regular socials where they get together, doing various activities of their choosing. It’s a great way to do life together and have a whole lot of fun in the process! For more information get in touch at:, we’d love to hear from you.