Wine Club


After nearly 5 years, AV Wine Club is drawing to a close.

We have had a lot of fun over the years; we’ve formed brilliant friendships, eaten great food and (of course) tasted so much wonderful wine.

‘Helen, I and the team have loved every minute of Wine Club. We’ve all tasted some amazing wines and deliciously paired food. Hopefully, we’ve learnt a bit about the joys of drinking wine and expanded our drinking repertoire…! Most importantly we have met and got to know some amazing people, the relationships with whom we value highly – this was the biggest barrier to making the final call… We want to finish by celebrating all that we’ve done and the many people we’ve got to know over the past four plus years. With this in mind we will be hosting an Awards Party on Saturday 25th February. The evening will comprise food and drink, a quiz covering the past four years and a light-hearted awards ceremony. We’d like as many people to be there as possible, from day one to the present day, to celebrate all that has gone before. Finally, and as importantly, the end of Wine Club does not mean the end of friendships that we cherish. We want to continue to grow the relationships we started Wine Club out to build. Love to you all.’
-Edward Bone
(Wine Club Team Leader)


We won’t be going out quietly, we want to finish on a bang! So, ‘Wine Club’s Final Chapter’ will be on Saturday 25th February 2017, at Charing Church Barn, 8pm. The evening will be filled with the best wines from all the previous years, and is set to be a brilliant evening.

We’ll be travelling from Champagne to Port, and it will be one not to be missed!

We would love to see all our friends- old and new, to celebrate together, so be sure to book your tickets now! Find all details at: and book your tickets now:
(Booking will close a week before the event to allow time to cater.)

Look forward to seeing you there!

We would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Edward, and his team for all they have done over the years in providing such a great environment to build relationships, grow community, and…. for helping us drink a lot of very good wine!


For more information, head to the event or get in touch at

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