Thousand Hours

Logo Kindness Revolution SQUAREThousand Hours began in Ashford in October 2016 when we decided to pledge a thousand hours of our time to bringing life to Ashford. Whether through personal volunteering in our own neighbourhoods- picking up litter, baking cakes for neighbours, etc. or collectively by putting on community events throughout the month, we wanted to make an impact on the town that we love by spreading acts of kindness, and bringing life in any way that we could.

In 2016, we managed to hit 1856 hours! It was a fantastic month building relationships and bringing life to the neighbourhoods around us, and we loved every minute!

In 2017, Thousand Hours was bigger and better as we continued to love and look after our community by bringing a kindness revolution to our town. We worked with schools and businesses around Ashford as well as impacting the small communities in our own areas and we managed to hit 5997 hours!!

This year we are continuing to build on our relationships with local schools  - currently 12 schools have invited us in to launch their own curriculum based month of kindness. Who knows the outcome in the lives of the children, teachers, families, communities – and it’s a lifetime lesson! We will also be looking for creative ways we as individuals can make a difference – focussing on those small acts of kindness that make someone’s day. YOU can be part of this!

For all the information, including opportunities to get involved with Thousand Hours 2018 and log your hours – or just get excited with us! Please go to the Thousand Hours Website:

We can’t wait to see you and hear your stories!

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