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Whether you are looking for help, or offering it, or you’re just interested in finding out more, you are very welcome here. This page will tell you a little more about our current AV Compassion projects and provide links for how you can get involved.



AV Compassion is part of the life of the community of Ashford Vineyard. Essentially, we are a church that is passionate about ‘making love look like something’ and working in the local community to support and empower people to lead more fulfilled lives. Our aim is not to ‘get people to come along to church’ and neither is it to ‘make people into Christians’. Our aim is simply to love and support the people within the community in Ashford. If anyone wishes to find out more about a relationship with God, then we can definitely help with that, but that is not a hidden agenda with us.

These are the Compassion projects we offer:  

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Mummy’s Meals supports families outside of Ashford Vineyard, through the tiredness and chaos of early parenthood, by providing evening meals, free of charge, for up to two weeks. Following the arrival of a brand new baby, we deliver the food straight to the door and ready to eat.

Mummy’s Meals isn’t exclusively for new Mums/Parents. This service is designed for anyone in a tricky spot- whether you’ve been poorly, just out of hospital, or need a bit of respite. Whatever the reason, if you live in or around Ashford and need this support, or you know anyone else who may benefit, please get in touch with us at compassion@ashfordvineyard.org. We would love to be able to serve you in this way! 

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We currently offer newborn and children’s clothes, and baby equipment to support families who need a bit of extra help at a tough time.  Storehouse is located at The Warehouse and is open weekly on a Monday morning: 9.30-12.30am both to receive donations, and to take what you need from our stock. Other days are available by appointment only by getting in touch with Judith: 07513133272 or emailing her at: storehouse@ashfordvineyard.org.


open arms_v1


Open Arms is a collaboration between Francis Road Evangelical Church and Ashford Vineyard providing homeless and vulnerable people in our community with a healthy meal once a week. The focus is on building positive relationships between team and each other. We want them to be made to feel welcome and that they matter- No masks. No judgment. An open door.

Open Arms runs from 12 – 3pm every Tuesday at Francis Road Evangelical Church and Thursday evening 7 – 9.30pm at The Warehouse. For more information or to get involved, please email openarms@ashfordvineyard.org or phone the office: 01233 331919.




The aim of Cherish is to love and cherish the ladies and their families from the local women’s refuge. Our team goes in on the second Friday of the month, and we hold regular social events throughout the year. We give ongoing support to the ladies and families when they move into their own homes, and continue supportive relationships.

Joining this team is restricted to ladies over the age of 18. If you’d like to find out more or to discuss being a part of our team, get in touch at: cherish@ashfordvineyard.org.


XL Mentoring LogoXL MENTORING 

XLM is part of a national programme that mentors school children over the course of a year, helping them gain respect for themselves and reach their potential. Building self-confidence leads to less truancy and healthier individuals. This is a vital work that sees trained mentors linked to a child and, with the co-operation of the school and family, gives the child a friend and support. The national programme reports fantastic results. All training is provided- if you’re interested in being a part of this fantasic project, please get in touch at: XLM@ashfordvineyard.org.


Dress for Success


Dress for Success will be launching later this year providing a smart set of clothes for those who need an outfit for interviews or meetings where they need to make a positive impression. This is particularly aimed at the long-term unemployed, but is open to anyone who could be struggling to afford interview clothing.

We aren’t currently accepting donations for Dress for Success, but will be in the future. For more information about how to access this service get in touch at: compassion@ashfordvineyard.org.


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The A team is a group of willing volunteers that offer hands-on practical help in every way for people outside of the Ashford Vineyard, from moving furniture to painting, to gardening, cleaning, etc. This is a hands-on team, where there is so much scope for getting involved, even if only for one hour on one occasion! If you have a skill to offer, even if it’s making tea and bringing cakes to serve the labourers, please let us know and we WILL utilise you! Get in touch at: ATeam@ashfordvineyard.org





We are proud to be linked with Christians Against Poverty, offering free debt advice in Ashford. For more information about CAP and how we can help you, get in touch at money advice@ashfordvineyard.org.





Compassion Cluster Leader

Vicki Tatton is our AV Compassion Cluster Leader. She is passionate about Ashford, the people in it, and investing in making a difference.
She is married to Chris, who heads up Circles, and together they make a huge impact on the day-to-day running of all that Ashford Vineyard does.







If you’d like to get involved with any of our Compassion projects, if you know someone who needs to access this kind of support, or want to find out any further details about how to get involved, email us at compassion@ashfordvineyard.org and Anna, our AV Compassion Administrator will be only too happy to help. 

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