Circles are the the place within AV to know and be known. With so much going on across the Church it’s important to find a place where you can grow, be challenged, have fun and support each other through difficult times. All of the Circles look completely different but have the values of AV at their core.

At the most basic level a Circle will chat, pray, read the bible, worship and there’s usually some food involved somewhere in the mix!

We recognise that it can be a bit daunting to turn up to someone’s home without really knowing people or what to expect. The great news is that if you love it, you can keep going back over and over and if it wasn’t your thing you can just go and try another one without anyone being offended!

Here’s the list of groups we have at the moment. The Circle leaders would love to hear from you so click the email address if you would like to know more!

Daytime Groups


circles bullet point Chrissie’s Circle (10am) is a family friendly Circle where anyone, male or female, however young or old get together to have an opportunity to hang out, pray and worship together. They meet at the Warehouse and support the work of AV Compassion’s Storehouse.



 circles bullet point Penny’s Circle (10am) is a group for ladies who want an oasis where you can step out of the maelstrom of our lives for a couple of hours and just breathe! A space where we can download, connect with each other and give a positive report on what it means to be a Christian woman in the 21st century. They meet at Penny’s house at Shamblings, Bonnington, TN25 7BA.



Evening groups


circles bullet point Tracy’s Circle (7.30pm)  is for anyone and everyone. They have a great group and meet regularly to worship, talk about the Bible and pray for each other. They regularly have a meal together. They meet at 81 Bredgar Close, Stanhope, TN23 5SF



circles bullet point Invest (fortnightly)  is an ongoing discussion with a group for men talking about spirituality and exploring what it means to be sons and fathers and sharing life together.  The group meets for a from September to July.

If you would be interested in being part of an Invest group in the future please mail:



circles bullet point Alan and Liz’s Circle (7.30pm) is a Bible for beginners group. It’s great if you are new to church, to faith, to the Bible, or just forgotten your way around it? As well as praying, worshiping and generally doing life together, this group will be discovering what the Bible holds, and where, a little about all the books, and how to embark on a journey of exploration of God’s manual for His people. Don’t come expecting study and theology, but come expecting discovery and a good read. They meet at various locations in Ashford.



circles bullet point Carol’s Circle (7.30pm) is a great group for anyone! It’s an opportunity to catch up with God and other people. They do life and study the Bible together. They meet at various locations around Ashford.

Email: Carol on


circles bullet point Alan and Linda‘s Circle (7.30pm) is a group which worships, prays and studies the bible, trying to work out how it applies to us today. Everyone is welcome. They meet in Singleton.



circles bullet point Dave and Laura’s Circle (Family Circle) is a place for people to connect together to make a difference.

Family Circles are a place for families to build and develop genuine friendships.  They have socials and meals together at the weekend for the whole family.



circles bullet point  Richard and Frances’ Circle (Family Circle)  is a place to chat, pray and connect to God and one another.  We are passionate about how we take what God has done for each of us and applying it practically in our daily lives.  

Family Circles A place for families to build and develop genuine friendships. They have socials and meals together at the weekend for the whole family.



circles bullet point Paul and Anne’s Circle (fortnightly at 7.30pm) is a group for people who have just given their yes to Jesus or want to explore more about what being a Christian means.



circles bullet point Worship team Circle (once a month at 7.30pm) is a community of people who are part of the worship team here at AV and are figuring out together what it looks like as God turns the temperature up with worship across Ashford Vineyard.



circles bullet point Keys to Freedom (weekly at 7.30pm) is a course designed to arm people with tools to live free and stay free. Developed by Mercy UK, the course gives each participant the opportunity to draw close to God and discover freedom in their life while journeying together within the small group setting. We run the course termly, it runs over 9 weeks and it is best to commit to come every week

If you would like to find out about the next course please email:



circles bullet point Matt and Rachel’s Circle (7.45pm) is pretty relaxed group with a mixture of people. They mix pub visits with bible study, chatting about the talk from Sunday, worship and prayer. There are some amazing bakers in our group as well so you are guaranteed lots of cake! They meet at various locations around Ashford so it’s worth an email first to find out where they’re meeting this week



If you have any questions please email .


Why do Circles exist?

At the heart of Ashford Vineyard is a community of people who are passionate about pursuing a relationship with Jesus, and living in meaningful relationship with each other. We are a very normal bunch of people who have come to know that experiencing God’s unconditional love brings hope & transformation to our lives. The modern world enables us to communicate on a second by second basis with anyone anywhere in the world, yet often our reality can be that of isolation and loneliness. You may have never been part of AV or perhaps you’ve been along to a Sunday morning a few times but still feel on the edge of things.

We firmly believe that life is done in circles not rows, (like the rows you sit in on a Sunday morning!). Circles are about ‘creating a place for connection’ – by that we mean providing you with the opportunity to connect with God (perhaps for the first time ever, or maybe you’ve been on that pursuit for a number of years) and connect with people (a place to be prayed for, supported & encouraged to become all that God has created you to be!). They are a place to have fun and enjoy the delights and challenges of figuring out what it means to be in a relationship with Jesus.

We would love for everyone at AV to feel like they belong. We know one of the best ways to do that is to take a risk, and join a Circle! Whatever happens, you will always find a warm friendly welcome awaits you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign up for more than 1 Circle?

Yes, you can though we would recommend signing up for one group and being fully committed rather than only half committed to 2 circles. If there are 2 particular themes you’d like to do, the chances are that if demand is great, materials will be shared amongst other groups for the future.

I want to stick with the same leader/Circle for a while – can I stay in the same group for more than 1 term?

Yes, no problem at all. All the Circles intend to run for the whole year to give people the chance to invest in quality relationships and be vulnerable without having to keep changing group.


Having benefited personally from, and seen our lives changed through being part of small groups over many years, we hope & pray that the term ahead sees you truly connected to God and to other people.





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