Christmas at Ashford Vineyard


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This Christmas we had three main Christmas events:

-Family Carols,

-Christmas Eve Chill &

-The Big Christmas dinner

We welcomed nearly 700 people through our doors over these three events alone, and were able to share Christmas with such an amazing group of people.

As well as these events, we also had other gathering group Christmas parties over the month, seeing many more people celebrating and bringing life to Ashford in a mixture of ways!

Web SliderWe made and distributed 192 Christmas Food Hampers to families in Ashford who needed an extra helping hand in the festive season.


WNS And Winter Night Shelter continued over Christmas welcoming the guests along to our events. We were very privileged to get to spend Christmas with them, and treat them to a Christmas that they needed and deserved.


We’ve had a great Christmas, and are so excited about what’s to come in 2018!

Hampers are back for 2018! We love this amazing opportunity to bless #Ashford. Save the date &...