Our Activities

What Activities Are on Offer?

Do take a look at all our activities‘ pages and see if there’s something you might like to come and join in or recommend to a friend or neighbour.

Our Activities Philosophy

As a church, we always try to remain active in providing opportunities for people to get involved. A question we are occasionally asked, is ‘What’s your motive for putting events on?’ What a great question! Put simply, we put events on for people to be able to engage with ‘church’ in a way that they enjoy and feel comfortable with. We’ve come to know Jesus and want others to have the opportunity to be introduced to Him. People may not want to and that’s ok by us – we can’t make people do anything and would never want to. We don’t want to be a church that shoves views down people’s throats, but one that respects others’ views while inviting them to consider a relationship with God.

We're looking forward to another Cafe, this Saturday from 10 - 12. Amazing homemade cake,...