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Mar 11, 2018 Pray: Disappointments and Opportunities Nic speaks how instead of looking for answers, we should be seeking God’s presence and how we can look for opportunities in these situations. Listen Download
Mar 4, 2018 Pray: Expectations and Questions – Part 2 Chris addresses why there are unanswered prayers and examines the things that get in the way between us and receiving answers to our prayers. Listen Download
Feb 25, 2018 Legacy: Lessons from Ghana Nic speaks about her recent trip to Ghana, how we are all called to leave a legacy for those we interact with, and how to help people reach their potential. Listen Download
Feb 18, 2018 Pray: Expectations and Questions Chris speaks about the dynamic tension between expecting God to answer our prayers and the questions that arise when prayers go unanswered. Listen Download
Feb 11, 2018 The Alpha Course Maddy shares about why the Alpha Course means so much to her and why it’s important to invite those around you to the Alpha Course, which is starting this month. Listen Download
Feb 4, 2018 Pray: Reaching the Community Chris speaks about how we can reach the community and beyond through prayer and what this means for us in our daily interactions. Listen Download
Jan 28, 2018 Pray: The Language of Relationships Nic speaks about how prayer is the language to use in our relationship with God and how we can use it to learn more about the nature of God. Listen Download
Jan 21, 2018 Pray: Asking for Whatever You Wish Chris continues our series on prayer by looking at the gospel of John in the Bible and how, if we’re in relationship with Jesus, we can ask God for whatever we wish. Listen Download
Jan 14, 2018 God’s Eyes, not the World’s Lies Rob speaks about feelings of inadequacy and how we need to shift our focus so we see ourselves through God’s eyes and not the lies of this world. Listen Download
Jan 7, 2018 2018: A Look Ahead Chris looks forward to the year ahead and challenges us to open our eyes to the possibilities that this year contains. He also speaks about prayer and the ‘prayer pallet’ vision. Listen Download
Dec 31, 2017 Joshua’s Stones Chris speaks about the story of Joshua leading the people of Israel over the Jordan River into the plains of Jericho and the things we can learn from this event. Listen Download
Dec 17, 2017 Peace and Goodwill to All Men and Women Chris speaks about how Jesus is Immanuel, which means ‘God with us’, and why He came to to the world as a human. Listen Download
Dec 10, 2017 Freedom: Freedom from Fear and Anxiety Nic finishes the ‘Freedom’ series by sharing about how God’s love is the opposite of fear and anxiety. Listen Download
Dec 3, 2017 Freedom: Freedom from Financial Cages Chris speaks about the trappings that finances can cause and how these are more a condition of the heart than about a bank balance. Listen Download
Nov 26, 2017 Freedom: Freedom from the Past Nic speaks about how we our past can trap us. She talks about how God has given us so much grace and desires to free us from the guilt of our past. Listen Download
Nov 19, 2017 Freedom: Freedom from Conformance Nic speaks on how we were born to stand out and that we are enough, without needing to conform to those around us. Listen Download
Nov 12, 2017 Freedom: Freedom from Addiction In this talk about addictions, Chris talks about how harmful they are and how God wants us to break free from them. Listen Download
Nov 5, 2017 Freedom: Freedom from Religion Chris speaks about how religion robs us of relationships and leaves us with rules. He talks about the three elements of religion and how to break free from them. Listen Download
Oct 29, 2017 Freedom: Clues to Freedom Nic continues the series on freedom, speaking about four clues hindering us from becoming free: comparison, feeling insignificant, blame, and fear. Listen Download
Oct 22, 2017 Freedom: Freedom is Beautiful Nic kicks off the first of our new teaching series ‘Freedom’ looking at how true freedom is costly, but beautiful. Listen Download

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