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Jun 22, 2017 Sunday Summer Fairs: Compassion Continuing our Sundays Summer Fairs, Vicki looks at AV Compassion and why it is at the heart of everything we do here at Ashford Vineyard. Listen Download
Jun 11, 2017 Sunday Summer Fairs: Sundays Nic continues our Sunday Summer Fairs looking at gathering together on a Sunday morning, and why it makes such a difference not just to our own lives, but to bringing LIFE to others too. Listen Download
Jun 4, 2017 Sunday Summer Fairs: Circles Chris kicks off the first of our Sunday Summer Fairs looking at the importance of being in a Circle. Listen Download
May 28, 2017 Lifestyles: Money Nic looks at the main priorities of how we should steward our money. Listen Download
May 14, 2017 Lifestyles: Words Matter In this talk, Nic looks at the power of words and how they can bring destruction, but also LIFE. Listen Download
May 9, 2017 I Am Hungry… This week, Chris challenges us on our hunger to see God’s goodness in Ashford changing lives. The question is, how inconvenienced are you prepared to be, to become hungry to see God move? Listen Download
Apr 30, 2017 God is Good: Making it Work (part 2) Continuing our ‘God is Good’ teaching series, at our AV Kids Takeover Dave brings us this all-age friendly mini-talk- ‘Making it Work’ part 2, looking at how KNOWING God’s goodness is fine, but we can’t just know it, we have Listen Download
Apr 23, 2017 God is Good: Making it Work (part 1) Continuing our ‘God is Good’ teaching series, in part 1 of ‘Making it Work’ Nic looks how connecting with God is essential in releasing God’s goodness on earth. (Video clip played from ‘Mind over Marathon’: Listen Download
Apr 16, 2017 God is Good: So What? (part 2) In part 2 of ‘God is Good: So What?’ Chris looks at being normal when we bring God with us into our everyday interactions with people. Listen Download
Apr 9, 2017 God is Good: So What? (part 1) Marc follows on from our teaching series ‘God is Good’ by looking at the ‘So What?’ and why we should invite and invest in bringing people into relationship with Him. Listen Download
Apr 7, 2017 God is Good: Anchored in God’s Goodness Part 8 of ‘God is Good’ Chris looks at being anchored in God’s Goodness and how that leads us into dealing with our disappointments. Listen Download
Mar 30, 2017 God is Good: In Charge, or In Control? Part 7 of our teaching series ‘God is Good’, Nic looks at the difference between seeing God as being in charge or in control, and how that changes the way we live in God’s goodness. Listen Download
Mar 21, 2017 God is Good: Jesus at the Heart of it all. Part 6 of our teaching series- ‘God is Good’, Chris shows us how Jesus is at the heart of it all, taking us on a journey to view the Father through what Jesus says and does. Listen Download
Mar 12, 2017 God is Good: God is not ‘The Big Condemner’! As we continue our series ‘God is Good’, Nic looks at God as a Judge, and how when we see God as He really is, we can realise that condemnation is not His heart. Listen Download
Mar 8, 2017 God is Good: Experiencing God’s Goodness Chris continues our teaching series ‘God is Good’ by looking at how we can experience God’s goodness. Listen Download
Feb 26, 2017 Ashford- Planted and Coppiced! We had the privilege of being joined by Rhoda and Andy Fearon this weekend, and Rhoda spoke to us about Ashford, and in turn AV, being planted and coppiced (when trees are cut back to ground level to stimulate growth) Listen Download
Feb 19, 2017 God is Good: God’s Goodness Revealed in the Old Testament Part 3 of our ‘God is Good’ series, Chris looks at how God’s goodness is revealed in the old testament, pointing us to the NEW testament- Jesus. Listen Download
Feb 15, 2017 Good is Good: Knowing Your Assignment Nic continues our teaching series ‘God is Good’ with part 2, looking at what we’re called to, and how knowing that God really is good, changes the way we approach our life circumstances. Listen Download
Feb 8, 2017 God is Good: Changing The Way We Think Chris kicks of the first of our new 8 week series ‘God is Good’, looking at how really knowing the goodness of God, can change the way we think. Listen Download
Feb 8, 2017 AV Kids Take-Over: Treasure in Heaven Our AV Kids have been looking at Pirates and treasures over the last month. As the Kids takeover the service for the day, Dave shares with us the beauty of the treasures of Heaven, and how we can go out Listen Download

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