Christmas Hampers – help and donations please!

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Christmas Hampers are in full swing of organisation!!!!


The collection day is the 15th December at Sainsbury in Ashford. We will be there from 9:30 – 6:30. Please sign up to come and hand out leaflets and collect donations. Follow the Doodle poll to share your availability. 

If you can’t come on the Saturday but would like to donate you can. Please bring your donations to the Ashford Vineyard Warehouse and pop in our Hampers Box in Foyer. All in date treats welcome. Make someone smile, let someone know they are loved, add to the donation box. We will be also packing after church on the 16th, so keep your diary free to help us complete this awesome project.

Please note, these hampers go to families across our community who are referred by professional support organisations, and so go right to those who need it most. Your generosity will make a real difference.

Had an amazing Easter morning, celebrating Easter Sunday by Baptising 4 wonderful people....